Welcome to Bordentown, New Jersey - Our Quaint Historical City

The Downtown Bordentown Association will show you around

Need a break from city life? Searching for American history and culture? Take a stroll through Bordentown City, New Jersey. Over the years, our little town has made a name for itself. It's more than just a tourist destination - it's a vibrant community made up of business owners, families and artists.

Downtown Bordentown Association is a local nonprofit organization, and we're committed to preserving the heritage of Bordentown City for years to come. Our mission is: "To promote Bordentown City as a great place to live, work, dine, shop and have fun - all within a peaceful, historic setting." Let us give you a tour. You'll soon see why people flock to our corner of New Jersey.

Join the Downtown Bordentown Association today

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Downtown Bordentown Association, email downtownbordentownnj@gmail.com now. We facilitate local events and provide Bordentown with informational resources.

In their article "This Old Downtown's a Model for Copycats," The New York Times described Bordentown, New Jersey as "a quaint urban enclave" and recognized that Bordentown "is the real thing rather than a modern reinvention."

There's something magical about downtown Bordentown. The past and the present meet on streets lined with antique stores, buzzing cafes and performing musicians. Don't miss out on your chance to join us. The Downtown Bordentown Association will connect you with a network of Bordentown business owners and town planners.

3 reasons to spend your weekend in Bordentown

Gather your friends and family to:

  1. Browse Bordentown's bookshops & record stores - you'll find a good read or great album.
  2. Purchase handmade gifts and furniture - you can decorate your home with vintage pieces and local art.
  3. Try something new at a local restaurant.

We look forward to seeing you in Bordentown!

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