Bordentown Downtown Association

The Downtown Bordentown Association is comprised of some 70 members with businesses located in Bordentown City, New Jersey. The membership includes retail merchants, restaurateurs, and professional service providers. Amoung the current membership are art galleries, bookshops, antiques shops, a vintage record shop that also carries new releases, shops that specialize in gifts and accessories; our several restaurants offer a variety of cuisine from around the world; our professional members include dentists, accountants, physicians, and attorneys.

The D.B.A.'s mission is to promote Bordentown City as a great place to live, work , dine, shop and have fun—all within a peaceful, historic setting. We have made great strides in attaining this goal through the use of cooperative newspaper, magazine and electronic media advertizing, and an internet web page. We also sponsor the annual, Iris Festival,, Cranberry Festival and several promotional events that bring visitors to our "little city with a lot of charm" throughout the year.

Last year the D.B.A. published 30,000 brochures inviting tourists and visitors to come to Bordentown City, learn our history and see all that we have to offer in the way of shopping, dining and services. These brochures are distributed throughout town, in all local hotels and motels, in real estate offices, in information centers on the NJ Turnpike and other tourist areas outside the City ranging as far as New York, Philadelphia, and the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

The business district is concentrated on Farnsworth Ave, Crosswicks Street, Walnut Steet, all in the heart of the historic town—and all within walking distance. Bordentown City is conveniently located right off the NJ Turnpike Exit 7, Routes 295, Route 130 and 206. It is also on the New Jersey Transit River Line www.RiverLine.com with direct connection to Trenton and the Delaware River towns.

  • President - Vincent Schino
  • Vice President - CJ Mugavero
  • Treasurer - Rebecca Moslowski
  • Secretary - Doug Palmieri
  • Director - Paul Sabol
  • Director - George Xuereb
  • Director - Zack Melker