Downtown Bordentown


Mimosa Goods

Celebrating their One Year Anniversary!

117 Farnsworth Ave.
Sarah McEwan
Owner Sarah McEwan says "When I shop, I try to find products that are good for the planet or that do some good in the world. (Bonus points when they do both!) This wasn't always the easiest thing to accomplish - and while I <3 Google, I thought I could make it easier for other shoppers searching with the same goals in mind."
And so - Mimosa Goods was born! On their site, and in theer shop, the goods you'll find fall into one of these categories: Ethically Made / Fair Trade. We all deserve a living wage - no exceptions! Organic / earth friendly - and easy on the eyes Local finds created by our super talented neighborhood artists.
Every purchase made on their website or in the shop does good. You might be helping a fair trade cooperative continue to fund educational and healthcare initiatives - or choose a planet friendly alternative to mass produced stuff.
Mimosa Goods is doing their part too. 10% of thier profits go to local and national charities (in addition to some special pieces that they donate 100% of proceeds!)
Bottom line - you can buy a lovely pair of earrings, or you can buy a lovely pair of earrings that supports an artist or foundation in need. Let's find some joy in the items we surround ourselves with, and shop for good with gifts that give back! If you are in New Jersey, please visit!
Sarah opened the shop in 2016 which is located at: 117 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown City.
Interested in learning more about why fair trade and sustainability in fashion matters? Check out The True Cost - A must see documentary about fast fashion and the global social injustice, environmental and economic damage caused by our increased desire for cheap, disposable goods.