Downtown Bordentown


On Angel's Wings

Celebrating their Grand Opening

203 Farnsworth Ave.
Marti Haines, Marcia Moore

There is a quaint little shop in Bordentown New Jersey that offers the curious soul everything needed to explore the metaphysical and spiritual world around us. This little gem, located at 203 Farnsworth Ave is owned by two lovely angels. 
The Angels
Marti Haines, an Ordained Minister, Sensitive and Intuitive. Marti has been working with Angels and Ascended Masters since 2007. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium, Empath and Angel Channeler.
Marcia Moore is a natural born sensitive who worked under the guidance of her mentor, Marti, to build on being an Empath/Intuitive/Medium/Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Card Reader, and Ordained Minister.
The Shop
Eager to help others understand the metaphysical world around them and to connect to the Universal fountain of love and knowledge, Marti Haines and Marcia Moore offer a large selection of items in their shop. They carry many types of Angel Cards for the beginning Reader along with protective oils, stones and crystals. If you’re unable to find what you need from their large inventory, Angel Marti and Marcia will be happy to order the item you need. And, if you don’t know how to use the items, you’ve purchased; there are workshops.

Angels Marti and Marcia do Angel Card Readings and Reiki in the shop and on certain days, they will take walk-ins. They offer classes on Psychic Development, Crystals, Ghost Hunting and classes on how to connect with your own angels, Reiki classes for the beginning and for those ready to be certified, in fact, there is just about a class for everything you need to know about the metaphysical world.
Even if you feel you don’t have a psychic bone in your body, you will benefit from visiting “On Angel’s Wings” because everyone has the gift, and under the patient guidance of Marti and Marcia, you can develop your gift.

Check out the website: and the Facebook page onangelswing for upcoming classes and items.